Time has only improved it – Cabinet Vision in NZ

Cabinet Vision Solid from Vero/Planit has been around as long as any woodworking CNC software program and is well regarded as among the best at what it does – which is provide a seamless process from design to production – or as they say screen to machine.
Several years ago Phil Smith returned to New Zealand from Queensland, where he had been representing Planit, to take over the New Zealand agency. Since then he has been doing very well with sales up and down the country.

JOINERS Magazine talked to several firms who have purchased Cabinet Vision from him and asked them about their purchase.

Paul Rusbatch Joinery manager at ITM Motueka was pleased to see the day Cabinet Vision Solid arrived. “Previously we were nesting with another programme which had issues, including missing parts being nested, not being able to alter parts within a unit, unable to nest with hinge and handle holes – the list goes on. The new system is completely flexible, units can be almost any shape and still they nest correctly, any new hardware is easily added so all holes, etc, are accurately positioned.”
“Installation was easy Phil Smith came into the factory to set it up, with training taking about three days before we could go it alone. The training was well set out with structured tutorials. It has been a great investment, as well as a reduction in the issues we faced with our previous programme we have been able to replace 1 full programmer and 1 person in the factory. I would recommend it to others.”

Geoff Russell Sales Director of Zapwall Group in Christchurch who use Cabinet Vision for retail and shop fit-outs has found the software to be more flexible and capable of producing a more complicated range of products than previously attempted. It is a programme that can be used on different levels the more you want from it the more you have to apply yourself to learn. Phil has been good in this area and his training has been one on one, and comprehensive and his backup reliable.”

Adam Sharp of Sharp + Page Ltd in Auckland is a commercial furniture manufacturer who purchased Cabinet Vision to go with a new Biesse CNC line that they installed last year. “Initially we selected the Planit software as we felt that Phil offered the best back up service in our area. The other important feature was the relative ease with which new programmers could pick up the package. Training and the subsequent backup we have received has fulfilled those beliefs. The system has been very beneficial to our manufacturing process. It is very easy to use and has a great optimizing package which has been an added extra.”

Richard Carroll from Carroll’s Joinery in Masterton was also attracted by the ease of using the programme which they use largely for designing and manufacturing kitchens and storage units. “We were previously nesting so were aware of and had looked at other software but this looked the most user-friendly. Straight away we were able to do more on the CNC so that when it hit the floor there was less for our men to do and as time has gone on the impact is growing. The fact that it does what you draw and carries that right through the project is great, it means any final changes with a client translate through to production automatically without me having to make a note or mention it to the guys on the floor. Looking back a year later the transition from our previous set-up was very good. Phil kept things simple, he didn’t bog us down with too much jargon, he understand we are joiners not computer geeks and it is important we can use the programme easily.”

Tim More owner of Awapuni Joinery in Gisborne is a recent buyer, he purchased it late last year and while yet to fully utilise its production capabilities has found the design prospects of the package fantastic. “To have a client sit beside you and design their kitchen on the screen and then give them an indicative price on what they have designed gives the client a lot of ‘buy in’ to the whole process of their project. Phil has a great product and gives good service, together we will do well and I know it will grow our business.”

Phil Smith is happy to talk to anyone at virtually any time about the whole suite of Vero software and how it can help your business. Give him a call on 07 392 1001.

We had Phil here 15 months prior to buying the software, he made
the effort to come and show us his product, we were sold then,
it is a great product. We had been entertained by others but felt
Comfortable with Cabinet Vision.”
Tim More, Awapuni Joinery