2022 Feature Videos

Pick Measurement Values

CABINET VISION 2022.1 features a measure button to most dimensional fields allowing the picking of potentially unknown dimensions which without this feature could require manual calculation.

Export 3D DWG

CABINET VISION 2022.1 allows you to export 3D DWG files for use in 3rd party CAD applications.

Sectioned Drawers Improvements

CABINET VISION 2022.1 you can define auto-dimensions for drawers, send to live drawings, and more.

Intelligent Beaded Face Frames

CABINET VISION 2022.1 makes working with Beaded Face Frames much more intelligent. When giving Stiles, Mid Stiles, Rails, and Mid Rails a 0 width the Bead is smartly removed. This allows more furniture like Beaded Frame Cabinetry/Bedroom furniture to be easily designed as per the illustration.

Rendering Enhancements

With the upgrade to 64bit, the xRender Multiplier now runs as a stand alone application, allowing you to render a job while still working within CV. You can also now output high resolution renders.