By automatically producing machine ready G-Code for a wide variety of CNC machinery, xMachining takes designs straight from Screen to Machine™

xMachining is the most flexible, powerful and automated CNC software in the woodworking market. Operating with a full range of machines, including CNC routers, drill and dowel, chop saws, panel saws, haunching machines and edgebanders. xMachining has the capability to intelligently programme machinery by analysing part geometry and automatically creating toolpaths, choosing the right tool, and selecting the speed and feed rates. And if you use multiple types of CNC machinery you can rely  on xMachining to automate workflows and send the right part, to the right machine, at the right time.

Key Features

  • Output to multiple NC and CNC machines simultaneously
  • Integrated reporting (including basic part labels)
  • Import custom layered DXFs
  • Edit part shapes and add operations
  • Advanced tool selection logic
  • Automatic tooling and toolpath generation
  • Basic toolpath simulation
  • Pocket waste away

+LabelCABINET VISION xMachining Software

Ideal for nested-based manufacturing as well as traditional manual and NC panel saws, the +Label addition enables saw and CNC operators to clearly visualise the panel as labels are printed on-demand and placed on parts. You can easily select parts by simply touching the screen and print easy-to-read graphic labels for each part. In addition, the screen is updated automatically to show exactly which parts and panels have been completed.

Full label design capabilities gives complete control over the data printed on the label. +Label works in conjunction with xMachining to add bar-codes to each part that requires secondary machining (for example, with a point-to-point or CNC drill and dowel machine), enabling an easy flow from one process to the next.

Many newer generation CNC routers and NC saws include their own on-board real-time labeling solutions. Therefore the +Label addition also allows you to design part labels inside xMachining, using all available information, including an image of the part. These labels are then converted to image files which can be printed in real-time using the CNC router’s and/or the saw’s built-in labeling system.

CABINET VISION xMachining Software+Simulation

+Simulation enables you to preview machine operations graphically on screen to ensure that parts will be machined properly. By simulating prior to machining, it can reduce errors and scrapped parts, saving time, materials, and money.

+3rd Party CAD ImportCABINET VISION xMachining Software

The +3rd Party CAD Import addition makes it possible to import cut lists from third party  CAD software and layered DXF files to define CNC machining.

+3rd Party CAM

Interoperability is further strengthened with the +3rd Party CAM addition. This provides the ability to export DXF and other popular formats common to CAM applications for further processing by a third-party CAM solution.

+Chop Saw

With the +Chop Saw addition it is simple to export data to automated fence systems for chop saws.

+Drill & Dowel

The +Drill & Dowel addition gives you the capability to export information to drill and dowel machines.

+Material Handling

The +Material Handling addition provides
the capability to export to and synchronise materials with material handling systems.

+Point to Point

The +Point to Point addition includes either DXF Output to 3rd party CAM applications or the ability to communicate directly with a CNC Machine using Screen to Machine™, technology from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division.


The +Router addition makes it easy to nest full sheets of parts including operations such as line boring, dados and drawer guide holes, creating nests for an entire job in seconds.

CABINET VISION’s nesting solutions offer superior small part handling. CABINET VISION’s “onion skin and return onion skin” technology for small part handling provides maximum vacuum hold-down while maintaining superior edge finish, as well as machine times up to 50% faster than other comparative nesting solutions.

In addition to block nesting, +Router comes with a geometric nesting solution that optimizes the production of rectangular and irregular shaped parts. Parts are rotated into position and shapes are interlocked to maximize material yield. You can even nest parts inside of other parts for maximum yield.

+Part List Export

The +Part List Export addition makes it possible to export a PNL, CUT, or Custom CUT file to a preferred optimizer. When using the +Router, +3rd Party CAM, or +Point to Point additions these files will include the programme name for part machining that needs to be performed after cutting.