A photorealistic render that lets customers visualise the final product

Customers are much more likely to place orders with you if they can visualise how designs will look once they are built and in use in their homes or business. The xRendering multiplier gives you an important competitive advantage by creating photorealistic renderings in minutes, using the latest rendering technology. You can work with your customers to make changes to designs in seconds, whether to floors, wall coverings, countertops, wood species, stain colors, knobs or other hardware. In this way customers can take ownership of designing their dream layout, helping you to drive higher-value sales.

Key Features

  • Realtime rendering
  • Advanced rendering
  • Architectural photorealistic rendering
  • Cartoon rendering
  • Hand drawn rendering
  • Hatch rendering
  • Save renders to image file
  • Export COLLADA

+TourCABINET VISION xRendering Software

The +Tour addition uses advanced real-time rendered walk-throughs to guide customers through representations of how designs will look in practice.