Complete control over bidding and estimation.

The xBidding multiplier is a simple yet powerful tool that accurately generates bid data so that you can put forward bids that are both competitive and profitable. xBidding performs a complex calculation based on the material, labour and other costs of the final engineered product, thereby giving you a clear indication of your room for negotiation on price. The smart bidding system also makes it easy to discuss design changes with customers without having to recalculate bids from scratch.


Key Features

  • Full job costing
  • Custom labour costing
  • Labour per part & assembly
  • Price by part
  • Define part pricing matrices
  • Create and assign vendors to materials
  • Access to over 150 bid methods
  • Breakout bids by room
  • Custom reporting engine
  • Export bid data for third-party software

+Catalog Editor


The +Catalog Editor addition allows CABINET VISION users to create their own modular catalogue.  Modular catalogues have pre-set options and option up-charges, door styles and door/drawer up-charges that match those included in a typical stock manufacturer’s paper catalogue. These catalogues incorporate all customised system standards from CABINET VISION, including materials, material schedules, doors and drawers, profiles, construction methods and parts pricing (if applicable) into a new, distributable catalogue.  Distributable (or read only) catalogues protect your catalogue data so that units cannot be modified and saved back into the catalogue after it is distributed to end-users.