Perpetual Licence

Play the Long Game

  • Keyless License
    • Stand-alone or Network * licenses available
    • Share License Configurations between computers on the network with a “Network Activation” *
    • Multiple users can be managed from a Network License *
  • Comparing a ‘Subscription License’ with a ‘Perpetual License’, the break even comes after 3.5 years, where ongoing annual SMA is cheaper than an ‘Annual Subscription’
  • A Perpetual License gets 30 years on codes so when you opt out of annual SMA, you keep the version that was current at that time

*Network Activation adds 10% to license value
*Designed for use on LAN – While it may be possible to access a Network License over WAN using a VPN, Joinery IT does not guarantee results. You should have your own IT professional be responsible for VPN outcomes if choosing to investigate use of a VPN for remote access to the software



Stay Competitive

  • Use software with latest features
  • Pay only for features you need to reduce upfront investment
  • Allow diverse financial allocation by treating cost as operating expenses

Manage Easily

  • Flexible Payment Solution
  • Software updates and technical support available
  • Annual renewal
  • Add / remove licenses and features to suit your current workload

Answer Business Needs

  • Affordable sooner
  • Scalable solution that allows you to optimise resources for each job role in your business