2021 Feature Videos

Assemblies, Part 1

With version 2021, you can now create shadowline (handle-less) construction methods directly in CABINET VISION.

Assemblies, Part 2

With CABINET VISION 2021, sink skirts are now together with even more parts having grain and machining face control.


CABINET VISION 2021 features an updated and more modern Bid Center interface for ease of use.

Doors, Part 1

We’ve completely redesigned the door manager with multi material and profile assignment, nested door associations, finger pulls and more!

Doors, Part 2

CABINET VISION 2021 features search tags, mirror copy, updated door section editor, live part list, CAD shaping, CAM editor and more!

Doors, Part 3

Applied door moldings area new major addition to doors in CABINET VISION 2021.


With version 2021, you can now control your live drawing scene dimensions by scene.

General Features

Version 2021 sports a new and modern user interface, improved visual styles, and keyboard shortcuts in addition to a wide range of new features.

Material Manager

With version 2021, you can define new materials like finger pulls, shadowline channel, applied door moldings, and peanut connectors.


Tired of breaking up your nesting scrap for the dumpster? The new scrap cutting feature takes care of that for you.

Profile Manager

In Version 2021, all countertop, bead, and door profiles are now managed in the profile manager.

User Created Standards

New, collapsible nodes make working with UCSs much easier.