Effort In Results Out

When Martin Page at The Kitchen Centre in Henderson made the shift to CNC production in October last year he decided that he wanted software that would automate their entire process. With his staff he decided that Cabinet Vision was the package to provide this and seven months later have found that dedication, hard work and supplier support have seen them achieve their goal.

The Kitchen Centre specialise in bespoke kitchens something that Martin and his family have been doing for 30 years cross the wider Auckland area.

“We knew to keep up and remain competitive we needed to swap our panel saw for a CNC set up and purchased a Biesse Skill CNC router late last year. We understood the importance of putting the right software with it and choose Cabinet Vision for a couple of reasons. Firstly it was an internationally proven product which embraces the idea of screen to machine and secondly it had local representation which we knew we would need in coming to grips with the change.

Previously we had been using software for design and in generating parts and cutting lists so we had some knowledge of computers and systems which assisted our shift to full CNC production. It has been great and has really sped up our process and reduced lead times but we quickly realised that the machine only does what you tell it, the important part is becoming familiar with the software which instructs it.

Initially our designers attended an introductory seminar run by Joinery IT, the local vendors who we purchased Cabinet Vision from and that along with a couple of days on site with Joinery IT representative Jason Chittenden was great in getting us started and familiarising our staff and designers with the set up.

Setting up the library to suit your own manufacturing methods and utilise the program fully from design to production does take some time – particularly for a firm like us who are always dealing with one-offs.

Joinery IT have been there to assist this development, via the phone, internet and through on site visits and we also dedicated time ourselves in setting up hardware and merchandise options we use in our design and presentation.

Seven months on we are 95% of the way there and I can say that Cabinet Vision is a very good product, it can do everything and more – we are still finding new things it can do on a daily bases. The support from Phil Smith and Jason at Joinery IT has been very good and their knowledge of the product a very necessary part of our development.

“I would recommend Cabinet Vision and Joinery IT to prospective buyers, the product and backup has been great – but I would suggest timing the change for a slower period of the year than the pre-Christmas rush we choose, and be prepared to put in some extra hours – like many things results are dependent on the eff ort you put in.”

Martin and Ben Page
The Kitchen Centre
12 Bruce Mclaren Rd
Auckland 0612